Japanese Practice? On my blog? Uh… Yeah!

So I think that I am going to start writing posts in Japanese. Well try just to get practice and get better at reading and writing, I am trying to get myself ready for the big move! I might also do voice recordings of myself reading in Japanese so that I can really build up my skills. I am patiently waiting for the beginning of next month and I cannot wait until I know where I am going. I think that it will be an adventure of a life time and the first time that I will be out on my own 100%. While terrifying I am definitely looking forward to it! I will be documenting as I go while I am there, I want to explore all things new to me!

Ok so my little bit of Japanese:



I will be trying to write more than this but I figured it was a start and that is pretty goo for now. So to break down what I said (this is by no means perfect and I could be absolutely wrong on how I wrote this but it is practice):

konichiwa minnasan! kochira watashi no nihongo renshu o shimasu. yonde kakite hanashite wa hajimemasu. ganbarimasu!


hello everyone! This is me doing my Japanese practice. I will start reading, writing, and speaking. I will do my best!
Talk to you later!


I will definitely be doing more of this especially for the practice. I am really looking forward to being able to physically see the changes in how my writing changes and I hope that this will be really helpful for those of you that are also learning Japanese. I know its short now but I will be making longer ones for sure. Let me know if you have any questions about anything!



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