My 3 Most Used Japanese Language Apps

Apps are one of the biggest reasons we have smart phones, and some apps can be a big help when it comes to studying and trying to learn new things.

We all use apps. That’s like a duh! I think that apps are the center of the reason that we have smart phones (and if you don’t have to have a smart phone just wait I have a post for you). Apps like JA Sensei, We Speke, and Memrise are a great help to people like you and me learning Japanese. Apps like this are a huge help to me when I am studying the Japanese language.


logo_2012_icon_default JA Sensei

JA Sensei is an awesome app that gives you the flexibility of being able to use it when you are studying alone as well as when you are in formal classes. There are so many resources to use when you are studying with a book to help you better understand what you are studying. There is a grammar section that explains so much more about the grammar than a book does when you are Screenshot_2015-12-28-16-22-49studying out of the books. There is also a connected website that you can also use to help you learn. is a great use for people who are studying informally because it Screenshot_2015-12-28-16-17-19gives you more structure to work with. The lessons are also offered on the app as well as quizzes to check what you have studied and help you be able to remember them more. These are (obviously) really good uses for on the go study and you can get points and move up in the ranking system. The way that the app and website rank you is just like getting belts in karate. So you start off with a white belt and the longer and more you study and practice the higher your rank gets and the darker your belt. There is also kana (the first two types of Japanese writing called hiragana and katakana) and kanji (the third type of Japanese writing based off of Chinese style writing) sections to use to study and help you with the writing aspects of the Japanese language. With this app you have to be accountable for yourself. What I mean by that us that this app does not send you reminders and notices for you to remember to study. Also the app costs money images(there are certain parts of the app that you can use for free but you won’t get full access), currently it is $10.99 for the JA Sensei app itself and if you want to use the full online module as well it is $50 (which includes the JA Sensei app and if I remember correctly the reading app as well). This is an awesome app for people that are learning Japanese to use because it is so helpful.


Memrise is kind of like learning with flash cards, you have the options to choose from many different modules. These range from most all languages to maths and sciences, history, standardized
Screenshot_2016-01-03-20-02-07tests, professional and career, arts and literature, and memory training. That many different subjects means that you have one to help you study for just about anything. Screenshot_2016-01-03-20-02-01I was amazed by this discovery as I was researching for these apps because that is a pretty awesome part of this app. Another feature is that you can get points for learning and reviewing and battle against your friends in the app. The app tracks your learning process and continuously reintroduces information so that you commit everything to long term memory. Since there are so many modules it’d be a great idea to choose ones you like and (another good part of this app) “save” them for later. What I mean by “save” is that you can chooses the module and then not start it until you are ready to being. Also you can pick modules you like and download them for offline use. This is great for you guys who don’t have a lot of data or who just don’t want to waste that data. You do get reminders Screenshot_2016-01-03-20-02-15for
this app at a specific times if you set it up to do so. This is best for those of you who are sort of forgetful like am. The app makes no specific noise to notify you but it will use your default notification sound so be prepared if you have an interview or class or anything. I think that the flashcard based modules have both positive and negative aspects. It’s not exactly like flash cards but it is very close and can be ultra-boring once you have gotten used the way it teaches. Oh, let me not forget to mention that this is a free app for those of you who want to know. There is the option of upgrading to the pro edition which is $9 a month or $59 for a whole year. I think that this app is great for people who know, at least, the basics of Japanese and have practiced writing in Japanese.

4136827_300x300 WeSpeke

WeSpeke is an app that you’d used to talk to actual people. This app lets you connect with native speakers of and language. The community of Japanese people Screenshot_2016-01-03-20-03-32looking for people to talk to is pretty large, as it is for all other languages. This app is pretty awesome for communicating with anyone around the world. You are able to learn and practice with native speakers and get more conversational practice in. This is great for you because then you will get much better at learning to understand different dialects, odd sayings then don’t Screenshot_2016-01-03-20-03-59teach you in formal classes and just make friends with other people. You can also help out other students and people who are trying to learn English (or your native languages). There is a system in this app that will match you to others that you can talk to. It’s not such a great system but I don’t think that it is fully in effect yet. But I am unsure. The people don’t really talk to you often and you have to really be insistent when it comes to talking to people on this appScreenshot_2016-01-03-20-04-10. It is also not as easy of an app to use as some of the other similar apps, such as HelloTalk. hellotalkThere is also a pro version that you have to pay for but it is very difficult to find if you want to pay for it. WeSpeke is the current talking app I have on my phone but I really prefer HelloTalk more.

My favorite app of all of these is JA Sensei. It has a lot of study materials and the variety of what is on this app is amazing. The fact that it can be used alone and with other studies is something that I admire greatly. Although I don’t generally like paying for apps, I think that this app is so worth it. If you pay online it is $50 but you get full access to the website and the JA Sensei reading app. There apps are super amazing and really help with reading and learning in Japanese. Also I can get into contact with the site maker very quickly and he is very willing to work with you or help you with any problems you may have. I also think the ranking system is super cool and being able to transfer points from the website to the apps and back.

These three apps are something that I keep on my phone. Even if I forget them or forget to use them I love being able to have the access at and times I want to. I highly recommend JA Sensei and Memrise for sure. These are both really great apps and I think that it is (once again) so useful for us to use. If you want to talk to people I recommend WeSpeke and HelloTalk (HelloTalk more). These apps are very useful and I hope they help you out very much.


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