Some Kind of Fitness Journey

So yeah. I’m trying to get healthy. I don’t want to say lose weight but I’m hoping that comes along too. I’ve gotten my health check finished and even though technically I’m healthy, I’m borderline everything. Not to mention being over weight and generally living an pretty motionless lifestyle. So I’m trying to take the right steps to being a better me. I want to take you guys along with me on this fitness journey.

Step 1: I joined a gym

While I kind of hate joining gyms because it’s usually filled with super fit people I figured it would be better for me to since I know I won’t workout at home. The gym is just one station over from work so I can go after with no problems. It’s, maybe, a 10 minute walk so I can do it!

Step 2: Plan healthier meals

Right now I’m on chicken only. Mostly because I couldn’t find other foods that I know would work OK. My only issue is that I can’t precook chicken because it makes me feel nauseous. So I tend to be waiting dinner pretty late which is not good. So I’m in need of a better set-up. I think I’m going to have to precook the chicken and just deal with the stomach problems after. But that’s just dinner. Breakfast will be oatmeal with chia seeds and some know of fruit. Like bananas or blueberries. I recently went to
Costco and managed to purchase a good sized bag of blue berries. Next time I will get other stuff but that was my first time in there. Although it’s just like Sam’s Club at home.

Step 3: Go to the gym

So I went to the gym only once in the first week of getting the membership. But hey I went to the gym! I want to celebrate the small victories. So I will make weekly goals for now but my hope is to really get in there at least 3 times a week. I am also going to practices with my students after school so I’m still doing some kind of exercise almost every day. Although one day I want to be going almost every day of the
week. I really had a good time and there was like one or two other not skinny people in there. They weren’t huge but they weren’t tiny either.

Step 4: Stay Motivated!

This is going to be my most difficult step but I know I can do it. I want to document this for everyone and I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m going to try. I don’t want to live on the cusp of healthy anymore. I want to be completely healthy. I will be healthy.
So, let’s get started on this journey.
Japanese word of the post: 道のりみちのり michinori journey

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