Life Update – New Job and Blog Updates

Job Updates Waahhh! So I have been on the fritz lately... I recently got a new job and I haven't been on my posting game lately. I went from having two part-time jobs to one full-time job and I love it! I am still getting used to the new job [...]

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How I study Japanese

The way I study has changed over the past year and a half but I think that is something that might be interesting to give you tips on some ways to study. I started formally studying Japanese my junior year of college.  I decided to take [...]

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Holidays and Traditions

Valentine’s Day in Japan

    The history of how Valentine's Day got started in the U.S. is ... confusing. A man named St. Valentine decided to disobey the Emperor and marry young couples (which was against the law). Or he tried to help Christians escape [...]

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