Japan : What I Studied

I know some of you are probably thinking why write about what I studied while I was in Japan instead of talking about the anime or the culture or something way more important than this. But everything I talk about is equally important in my eyes.

My trip to Japan was a sudden yet planned excursion (I know. How does that make sense you ask?). I saw the application and I knew that I had to have 9 summer hours to graduate school. If I didn’t get into the program then I would have had to wait another year to graduate. So I applied. AND…. I got in!!!!

I was so happy to go I didn’t care what classes I had to take. Yet, I am glad that I took those classes because they helped me learn more about a lot of new things, including: some of the history of Japan, some of the cultural aspects of Japan, geography in many different cultures, and how tourism affects the environment.

So I told you in my earlier post that I was a psychology major but for this trip I had to take two geography classes and a class on modern Japanese society. They were so interesting and taking those classes in a condensed amount of time was stressful but I still learned a lot in each of my classes. (Also just to mention our host school was pretty awesome.)

I always caught her eating when I was taking the pictures in class.

I always caught her eating when I was taking the pictures in class.

So my teacher for the geography classes was a pretty odd man. He was a well-traveled man who had always wanted to go to Japan. With that said, he would just up and leave us to go exploring. There was one day when we were going to find him after class and we got to his room and he was gone. Later, when he got back he told us that he had went to a different city, but I digress.

This was one of my super awesome awesome teachers. He was so chill.

This was one of my super awesome teachers. He was so chill.

Two of the three classes I took in Japan were Cultural Geography and Tourism & Environment. Let me tell you that I thought I did more studying for those classes than I ever did for my psychology test (but maybe that was just in my head). There were five of us that went on the trip, and every day after class four of us would go down to the lobby of our hotel and study for hours. We would read the crazy amount of pages the teacher assigned us, somewhere between 20 and 50 pages for each class. We still worked hard in those classes and still made time to go out and explore Tokyo.

We took lunch in the classroom

We often took lunch in the classroom

My third class was Modern Japanese Society and boy did I LOVE that class. We used this book called The Making of Modern Japan by Marius B. Jansen and it was very interesting. I felt like learning about a culture while immersed in the culture was such an awesome learning experience and it helped me to understand what I was learning a lot more. I really think that a lot of classes should try and include that more in lessons. Though the book did add to our reading we still had some fun times with the lessons.


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