Places To Go In Tokyo: 代々木公園 Yoyogi Park

While we were in Japan we had a few adventures. One of the places we went to was Yoyogi Park. This park is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo, the 5th largest one I believe. It was a free park to go to and it was very beautiful.


The history of Yoyogi Park is pretty easy to understand.In 1909 Yoyogi Park was the military drill grounds in Tokyo. A year after that, 1910, it became the site for the first powered flight in Japan. It was then used as the military complex for the US Army in 1945. The park didn’t become too popular until 1964 when it was the base of the Olympic Village for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Finally in 1967, Yoyogi officially became a park.

Map of Yoyogi


Getting to Yoyogi Park

DSC04201When we went to Yoyogi Park we had an unofficial tour-guide. My friend that I had met in school took us around Tokyo, but the walk to get to Yoyogi Park is not difficult. We were in DSC04225Shibuya, and it took us about 45 minutes to walk there (including the pit stops on the way). The walk was nice and we got to see this beautiful view as we walked in. The park itself is like a mini forest planted in the middle of Tokyo.


Bike Ride

There is an awesome biking trail in the park. We were walking around and spotted the bike rental place first, it looked fun so we paid the ¥200 and collected our bikes. They have a kiddy course, which is off the path of the regular course so the kids don’t get hurt. We rode all the way around the path 2 times, and we had so much fun. We were racing each other, and talking, and just… having fun. This was definitely one of my favorite times while I was in Japan. I think that it is most fun when you have friends around like I did but, you can still enjoy the beauty of the bike trail just by yourself. The trail was a mix in between parts of the forested area around the park and just a little bit through the park. I think that you guys will have lot of fun if you get to enjoy this part of the park. I know that there are other parts that I hadn’t been to while I was there but I really had fun on the bike trails. (Funny thing is we actually hadn’t planned in going to any of the parks while we were in Japan.) I know it’s a lot of photos for a bike area (and none really of the actual bike area) but I just remember having such a great time!

fb_img_1459856103671.jpg fb_img_1459856099181.jpg fb_img_1459856117206.jpg fb_img_1459856128379.jpg fb_img_1459856122211.jpg


In Yoyogi Park there are naturally a lot of people! There were musicians and artists and even a group of YouTubers. We watched a guy who was dancing and doing art at the same time and when we walked into the park there was a group of people playing the drums. I thought that this was pretty cool and I was super impressed. Of course where I live we don’t have things like this so I think I am easily impressed. I think that it was cool to see all the different people there! I thought I had a video of the dancing artist but I can’t seem to find it. I was also amazed by all the different types of people there I guess that since it is Tokyo that I shouldn’t be impressed but I still am. I know I am kind of rambling now SO on to the next part!

DSC04232 DSC04230 DSC04229 DSC04228 DSC04196 DSC04197


So we only really passed by the garden in our way to find a comfy spot to sit but it was beautiful! There seemed to be a little path through the gardens and according to some of the articles I read, doing a bit more research for this post, the gardens are pretty big. There is also a bird sanctuary somewhere in this area I believe. I think that the garden really welcomes people with its bright colors. The garden seems to be placed in the perfect spot and directly on the opposite side of the garden is a field where many people were relaxing and taking in the beautiful sights.


Places to Relax

So after walking through most of the park and before riding the bikes we decided to find a spot for us to have our lunch. There were some many people at the park and we didn’t want to sit in the typical area so we eventually ended up sitting right by the pond/fountain in the park. Josh decided to take off his shoes and pants (he had shorts under, thank god) and put his feet in the water (we questioned him but he simply did not care about anything we had to say). We had stopped earlier in our trek to get bento (弁当/べんとう/bentō) so we parked it and had lunch and a good chat. This was the first time I was seeing my friends that had come to my college since they left the US. I was very happy that everyone was getting along so well! There are many places to relax in the park (we found a dad and his child sleeping on one of the park benches), you can rest almost anywhere. If you plan ahead bring a blanket and make it into a picnic!


Final Thoughts

So final recommendation! I think that everyone should go check out this beautiful park. There is something there for everyone and I am quite sure that I did not cover everything there was to be covered. I think that this park is great for families, couples, friends, and even strangers just meeting. I really enjoyed my time in the park and I think that you will to!


Some information taken from JapanVisitor


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